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Israel, Rishon le Cion

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Israel, Rishon LeZion
+972 54-539-68



Project Description


Stainless Steel Salt And Pepper Grinder Set – Mill Pair with Glass Body- Ceramic Rotor With Adjustable Coarseness- Ultimate Spices Crusher- Supreme Elegance Functionality- Great Gift Idea by YOT Chef

★ THE HIGHEST QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE: Thanks to the stainless steel quality, our majestic pair is never going to turn tarnished and rusty. Don’t miss the chance of getting a kitchen accessory that is going to serve you for a lifetime! When it comes to food, top-notch quality and risk-free construction is a must- don’t you agree?
★ DEFINE YOUR TASTE: We challenge you to give up on the traditional pepper holders and to try these user-friendly shakers with the adjustable coarseness. Change from a coarse to a fine grind with just one move. Say goodbye to spilled spices all over the place- its functionality will change your cooking routine forever!
★ ELEGANT DESIGN, MODERN AESTHETIC: Imagine yourself using this amazing mill pair- isn’t like you are in an Italian restaurant? The glass body is not only classy, but also lets you know whenever you need a refill! Our one-of-a-kind kit will keep your spices fresh inside for better quality cooking- impress your guests whenever a fancy dinner comes about!
★ PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Is your best friend moving to a new house and you’re looking for a practical yet intimate gift to buy? Our salt and pepper grinder set is just what you need- put a smile on your loving ones’ faces without excessive effort and hassle! A must-have for every person who loves little things related to kitchen.
★ REFILL THEM ONCE IN A BLUE MOON: Thanks to their tall, 5-inches construction, these grinders will store a great amount of spices you keep using again and again. Forget about constant refilling and spices all over your kitchen table- refill once and save your peace of mind forever!

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Project Details

Client: YOT CHEF
Tanya Feygin