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Israel, Rishon LeZion
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The Holy Family Night Lamp1Story in the jar-2Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 16.58.22

Project Description

Keepsakes from the Holy Land inside a sweet night lamp.
This sacred image contains various physical elements from the holy land, which served a crucial part in the life of our Lord and Savior. The tree upon which the Holy Family is resting is actual oak from the holy Galilee Mountains.
The ground is made out of rocks and soil from the Galilee and a small bottle containing water from the holy Jordan River is placed on it.
Our enchanting LED nightlights are battery operated, safe and completely standalone.
The nightlights do not emit heat and are perfectly safe for use in the living room, nursery and the bedroom.
They are cordless, powered by two AA batteries and can give light for over 20 full nights, depending on battery strength.
Any family living room will be immediately filled with joy and piety with this beautiful handmade artwork. Allow yourself and your loved ones to experience the tranquility and holiness of the Holy Land night lamp.

Project Details

This iconic image of the Holy Family features the baby Jesus being held by the blessed Virgin Mary with St. Joseph watching over them with a cane and a lamp.
This image of sanctity and serenity is a fantastic night light that will transform any room with its warm, soothing light.
Since it is all handmade actual product may vary from its reference photo.
This product is not a toy and should be used for indoor decoration only
Choking hazard! Contains small parts – Keep away from children.
AA Batteries not included.

Client: Galilee Lights
Art Director: Galilee Lights
Package design: Tanya Feygin

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