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Israel, Rishon LeZion
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Project Description


  • THICK LASHES FOR A SEXY LOOK: Do you look for thicker and longer eyelashes that don’t fall every time you add mascara or remove your makeup? Start applying the Anava eyelash growth serum and watch the magic unravel! The nourishing eyelash serum with the moisturizing and conditioning properties will give you stronger and healthier lashes. Your lashes will no longer break and fall. On the contrary, they will become thicker, longer, stronger and much sexier!
  • AN ALL NATURAL FORMULA: The Anava eyelash growth serum is made with 100% natural ingredients. More specifically, the eyelash treatment serum is made with `Castor oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E and Soybean oil. These pure ingredients will penetrate deep into the skin of your eyes and work from the inside out. Your eyelashes will become softer, shinier, thicker and healthier. Plus, your eyes will be safe from dandruff or other fungal infections. Anava is the safest choice!
  • RESULTS WITHIN ONLY4 WEEKS: Here at Anava we have tested the eyelash serum – so we can tell you with certainty that it will in fact enhance the health, thickness and length of your eyelashes. So apply the eyelash growth formula to your lashes daily and let it stimulate and activate their growth. Within only 4 weeks, your eyelashes will be visibly thicker and longer without the use of any mascara! This is a 6-month supply so hurry and grab a 4ml serum bottle now!
  • A LUXURIOUS COSMETIC: The Anava eyelash serum is a luxurious cosmetic that is made only for those who can trust in it and appreciate it! This miraculous eyelash conditioner is made in Israel – one of the leading countries in the cosmetics industry. This means that it is guaranteed to give you the desirable results and is 100% worth the money. When other eyelash serums on the market fail you, Anava will be here, always ready to transform your eyelashes effortlessly.
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: So are you ready to have dreamy eyelashes that always look flawless, even when you don’t wear makeup? Then get the Anava eyelash growth serum and try it out. If during the first 30 days you realize that you’re not completely satisfied with it, we will refund you –no questions asked. Thanks to the Anava 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, this is a risk-free purchase, so don’t hold back! It’s time to place an order!


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Project Details

Client: ANAVA
Designer: Tanya Feygin